Monday, February 21, 2011

We are redoing our master bath, and we picked tile/cabinet finishes today!

Cabinet finish (with brushed nickel square - we will have brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets):

Countertops: This is a brown marble - “emperador dark,” for those marble afficionados out there. The whitish porcelain chip on the top left is “Kohler biscuit,” which is the finish of our sinks.

Shower floor: This stone comes as interlocking puzzle pieces.

Floor/wall tiles: This is a porcelain tile that looks like natural stone, and comes in many sizes. We will be using 18x18 squares on the floor, and smaller squares on the walls.

Accent/backsplash tiles: this is a mosaic of glass, the same marble of our countertops, and some other natural stones.

Everything together:


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